The Cause

100% of the Proceeds will always go to support children impacted by homelessness.

Invite your friends, your family, people who have made a difference in your life, people you have learned lessons from, and the ones you love with all your heart. Share your blessings to San Diego, join us to unite as one community, and acknowledge our youth.


Some people have it all – good food, stable home, loving families and friends. Others? Not a thing, not even a single piece of bread to satisfy their hungry stomach to survive for the next day. This is what One Love Movement hopes to address. Through our rigorous efforts of helping homeless youth to survive one day at a time, we hope that there will come a day when there would be no starving and homeless youngsters in San Diego anymore.

We are always happy for people who keep on stepping forward and sharing their blessings to these kids and teenagers. Some even transformed their garage doors into extended homes where these young individuals would be comfortable having their own space. This turned out to be a good idea with the availability of garage doors that help eliminate unnecessary heat or cold. Since these garage doors are made like those contemporary garage doors in Houston and maintained by the #1 Houston garage door repair company which are also soundproof, these kids could enjoy sleeping comfortably any time of the day.

We also do outreach programs to those homeless foundations outside of San Diego. We already did that previously. However, we are currently focusing on those homeless shelters found in the state. But we’ll get back to that soon. So don’t be disappointed. Our plan is to make One Love Movement grow as big as possible so that it will cover the whole country.



Help us reach our goal of $50,000 for youth! Top fundraisers will receive a One Love top from our sponsors and also give packs containing One Love Merchandise. After you purchase your ticket, you’ll have the option to create a fundraising page for The One Love Movement!

DATE: Saturday, September 13th

TIME:  12pm-3pm

LOCATION: Waterfront Park, San Diego Harbor, Downtown

WHAT TO BRING: Come prepared to practice yoga, wear athletic clothes, bring water bottle, yoga mat, sunscreen

PARKING:  FREE parking thanks to Solar Turbines! Solar Turbines has donated their parking lot to us! We cannot thank them enough! Lot is located at the corner of Grape St. and North Harbor Dr.


“Yoga Glow in the Night”

The schedule for this Charity Yoga Event is not yet finalized. I know some of you are excited but please bear with us. We only want to give you the best possible experience from helping out our youth so we do not want to rush into something not good enough.

But thank you from our hearts for always supporting the events we create in celebrating San Diego Youth. It’s amazing the difference that can be made when we come together as one.

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