TOTAL RAISED IN 2011… $21,081!!

100% of your donations went towards the SEVA cause for Haiti. The funds have been used directly towards these efforts in Haiti:

Build the Jacmel Children’s Center, an orphanage that serves food and education to nearly 300 children living in tents and on the streets.

Build the Faith & Love Orphanage, support and fund their dental program for children.

Build Art Creation Foundation for Children, an organization that provides art, education, food, healthcare, love, and security to the Haiti children.

Micro-financing with Fonkoze and Zafen. Micro-financing makes high-quality financing available to poor households and is seen as an amazing creation to fight poverty. It creates opportunities for the poor giving them a chance to get back on their feet.

Rebuild Association of the Peasants of Fondwa, a community center which developed essentials within the Haiti community such as: orphanage, bakery/restaurant, supply shop, credit union, etc. This center was completely destroyed by the January 2010 earthquake.

Water filtration systems will be installed in orphanages and schools. Efforts will be in conjunction with Fountains of Hope. Can you imagine not having clean water every day?

Collaboration with J/P HRO, Sean Penn’s organization, formed to help the Haiti community rebuild after the earthquake. As a group, we removed trash from the campsite, built a platform for access to a medical center.


What would your day be like without clean water? What if your home was a tent? How would you feel if you saw young children on the streets of San Diego with nowhere to go?  Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.  Haiti is still far from recovery from the aftermath of the devastating January 2010 earthquake, which left over 1 million refugees still living in tents without access to water, food, or healthcare.  Included in this 1 million are children that are growing up without nutrition or shelter.

THANK YOU to the founders of Off the Mat Into the World, Seane Corn, Suzanne Sterling, and Hala Khouri. Without the wisdom, the patience, the devotion to the world these three women have, I would not have this gracious moment in life. I would not have discovered that my true purpose in life is to serve my heart.

THANK YOU to each of you, for your spirit, your generosity, your support of One Love San Diego in 2011.