Give Love to Orphans

Do you have a heart of helping a child? Wanting to adopt yet you still can’t? There are things you should consider when you are planning to adopt a child, but these things apply only to responsible parents who have the ability to raise a child. However, you can still lend a hand to orphans. Many organizations are volunteering and conducting events to collect funds and donate to many orphanages. Just like them, you can help in many ways as well. 


I have known many folks who love adopting children. For them, loving kids who had been abandoned or unloved by their own parents is what they considered as their life’s purpose. Adopting can be done in a legal process, it will be quick especially if you are responsible enough and have the ability to adopt and raise a child – In short, you can afford the expenses. But even if you cannot, we have some of the best ways to show your love to orphans even if you can’t adopt them. 


Donate – We understand if you can’t adopt a child because it can be surprisingly expensive. Most couples often engage in fundraising efforts instead, although there are also some who just donate because they are not comfortable asking their friends and neighbors for money. 


Volunteer – Orphanages exist in countries which have an extreme poverty. Orphanages can’t function without volunteers. They want to do good things to help the lives of those children and occasionally they do it by donating money. I personally love to spend my time in different orphanages. When I was young and still single, I tried to sell my house fast in California and preferred to live and become a volunteer in an orphanage. My happiness is seeing children with a smile on their face was worth it. Although money is important to these kids, you can also donate your time taking care of them. Many organizations are conducting projects where proceeds go to less fortunate. To help put you in a mission check out 


Prayers – As we all know, prayer is the most powerful and helpful thing. Pray for those orphans and their caregivers and if God sends you a mission then do it with no cost. Orphans went through many bad experiences in life. At their young age, they already have an inkling of heartache, sadness, and loneliness stands for. Because of this, they need love from the people surrounds them and also prayers too.  


These are some of the lists I prepared and I’m sure there are hundreds of more ways to help and love the children in orphanages. They’re just waiting for someone who will heal their innocent minds and hearts from the experiences they’ve had in the past. Know what you can do or what you can share to express your love and care for them. 

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