The Story

The One Love Movement was founded in 2011 by Kim Bauman, a yogi & visionary who dreams outside the box and believes we are all connected in life, and that your wildest dreams are possible.

Kim started leadership training with Off the Mat Into the World and it was through this work that she realized the source of her passion for wanting to make a difference.  Through service trips to Haiti, Thailand, and Cambodia, working with at-risk and homeless youth, she had the opportunity to spend time in orphanages connecting with kids.

“I am so strongly connected to how fortunate I was to be adopted at 6 months old by a loving family and today I get to live a blessed & abundant life where miracles do happen.  It was the time spent with these kids that broke open my heart to a vulnerable state to where I have to look back now that I have experienced moments of their life.  All I could see was myself in them, and that that could have been me.  I was adopted from an orphanage in Korea and what is hard to comprehend is why me?  I am not any better, I was just lucky.  As a newborn I was homeless and at 6 months I got picked for a better life.  Nobody gets to choose what they were born into, and because of my blessed life, I have devoted myself to making a profound impact for the millions of kids who may never get picked for that better life.”

One Mission

To be a creator of community & an activist for at-risk & homeless youth, inspiring people to get involved and serve their heart.

One Purpose

To create a better future for at-risk & homeless youth populations locally and globally by inspiring people to get involved & give back, and by raising significant amounts of money for existing youth organizations who are making a difference through support programs and initiatives.